CHUCK: Look, I-I-I’m not accusing you of anything…today. Yesterday, yes, I laid it on a little thick with the accusing. But I’m really sorry about that. Instead of not trusting you, I should have been thanking you for saving my life and protecting the country and-and-and making really tasty gourmet wieners.
SARAH: I’m sorry I yelled at you.
CHUCK: It was our first fight. You know, it’s a big step if our relationship were remotely real.
SARAH: You know, with Dr. Zarnow gone, Chuck, those Intersect secrets aren’t going anywhere. That means more missions, more danger, more secrets that you can’t tell your sister or your friends.
CHUCK: I know that.
SARAH: Some people want to be heroes and others have to be asked. So, Chuck, are you ready?
CHUCK: Yeah.
SARAH: Good.

Chuck 1.02 – “Chuck vs. the Helicopter”

(via fuckyeahschwartzverse)


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