In my opinion, it would be more flattering if those moderators choose which they think are good, rather than just approving all the “correctly submitted” photographs. 🙂 I’m fine with the “similar” photos reason. :))

We all know that PHOTOS are subjective, ‘cause all of us have different “tastes” 🙂 Personally (no offense to FYP), I felt like the quality of submissions is starting to decline. Before I even joined in all those posting, I thought that pictures were actually chosen because they are good……

HAHAHA! Napansin mo din?!! You’re right KDV ( haha:P), dati naiinspire pa ko magtake ng pictures with my “baby” to post in fyp. Now it looks like my phone will do!! kahit 2mega pixels lang pwede na =))

and besides, wla ng tumblarity :)) LOL

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