My opinion, ++


Dear John was a good movie, and I did end up crying during the hospital scene with his father. (I knew I would because I cried when I read the book.) Obviously the book was going to be better, that’s how it always is. I feel like they shouldn’t of changed the ending though. They turned it into a typical ‘happy ending’ movie. The first part of the movie wasn’t that great either. To me it was kinda like “Oh you jumped in after my bag, let’s go to a bonfire and fall in love the next day.” But other than that, it was good. On the commercials for it they mentioned it being like The Notebook, kinda. The Notebook will always be a classic to me. Dear John was good, but I don’t think it was as good. That’s all. <3=]

SEEE!! I’m not the only one who thinks that not all HAPPY ENDINGS make people happy. When I saw dear john, i felt like they desecrated the book! :))

I should lower down my expectations with movies now. and BTW, I’ll watch a movie once a month nalang :)) I HAVE TO SAVEE!!! 😐

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