Things I need

Another adolescent random musing that probably does more damage. Overly immature and is probably the worse thing I can do right now. But who the fck cares! I have to do this! >:)

So, I need—

  • To genuinely feel better – I don’t wanna hurt anymore. I don’t want to stress over things I shouldn’t be stressed about. 
  • To do things that will make me think less about this – I need a distraction! Tom and Jerry is helping, but I need something stronger than this!
  • To eat less ice cream – cause my throat’s hurting and I need to not hurt.
  • To do things I’m supposed to do – I have a long list. You don’t wanna know.
  • To find someone to talk to – so I won’t look like a total loser who blogs about what she feels, which totally doesn’t concern people who will probably read this.
  • To control the urge to delete stuff – I’ll prob regret doing that. 
  • To stop telling people how a big **** she is – you figure out the mysterious 4 letter word.
  • To try harder
  • To find a solution – but how? I’m sure there’s no answer to my problems. Or if there is, it’s probably one I wouldn’t like
  • To fight the urges – loll. Don’t really know if this is SFW. 😉
  • To forget how awesome ** is – or how ** makes me happy, or how ** much fun ** have
  • To stop myself from making this look like a lame grocery list.

Yes. Will STFU. 

Thank you! 🙂

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