Lazy Friday

What I wore last Friday - Feb 24. A now over sized Burberry Cotton Polo Shirt

On some days, girls also get tired of dressing up.:)  And before I left for work, I got the accessories I bought from Shopojewels. I wish a had better pictures tho, I was kinda in a hurry to leave. So I will next time I wore them. 🙂

L-R: Luz (sister), Me and the package below
Meet my sister Luz wearing the Angel Wings ring and Owl Bangle. And Me with the other Owl Bangle!

I love owls! I usually don’t buy online but I knew I had to have these owl bangles. 🙂

Aaaand I know I said I will post the GIFs I made, but I didn’t have the time to make them.  😉 Will try to do them  within the week since I am on Social Networking Hiatus and I might just have the time. lol!

Currently watching the Oscars on velvet! Hope my bets win! 😉

So long!


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