Beanie Babies

I cannot stress how stressed I am right now. I told someone.. ” you know rock bottom? I’m like waay too deep in there to even describe how I feel.”

I’m alone in a room.. been working since 2 PM and I’m eating alone, while writing so I can at least take a few minutes to relax. What’s for dinner? Crackers and biscuits, cause I can’t find the time to buy food for myself. Don’t even have the time to pity myself. Haha. Define apathetic.. and indifferent.

I know having so much fun over the weekend has it’s payday. Tadah!


Meet my dad’s collection of beanie babies! (just so you know, I edited these pics last Saturday. I did not do it now!)


RU1 2012! Something new to celebrate something new! 🙂

no I am not very happy anymore. A few more nights like this in the ****** and I’m really gone. Time to **** again!

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