This Century

Today, April 12, 2012, omw to work, I heard this song on the radio.  What’s funny is I wasn’t able to finish the song to learn the title.. Those moments where the nicest songs play a few seconds before you get off the car. I remembered a line from the song though.. HELLO GOOGLE! 🙂

Hey prima donna, don’t you wanna come a little closer. Stay a little longer

Of course I looked for the whole album and I found out that its been a while since they released those songs. TIME TO DOWNLOAD!

I have to admit, I fell in love immediately. I’m such a sucker for bands like these, and since I kinda hate the “boyband phase” of the people right now. I choose to listen to songs like these! haha. *hipster* They kinda reminded me of The Script. But nah? Anyway!

Who wouldn’t like these? 😡

Hey Aphrodite
Don’t you see me standing in your sunrise
Soaking up your daylight
‘Cause I know your smile will last for a while
But I need you more and more each day
‘Cause I hear your voice cut through the noise

I also like theses songs of the same band.

Money Honey

No I don’t got money
But I got the time honey
If you’ll wait for me to turn this all around
I’m in debt to you always
As we make the same mistakes
Just know jealousy’s no longer in the way
Let’s learn to put the past behind us
Let love push through the door and find us
Just keep your heart wide open
So I can fix what’s broken
Stay around maybe I can be a better me

Do it to me

Every time I chase your hips you push me away
Closer to your lips, I want you



Everybody go take a listen! 😉


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