Weekend Discovery: Angel != Food blogger

Hi July 1st. Oh how time flies so fast.. and so many people know that I’ve been going through a Crossroad. (free promotion for Friday Night Light! :))  This made me very aware and conscious. I was spending more time thinking about what I wanna do and how and why I wanna do it. Or how much more time I want to spend in ministry or how little I want to spend with work (jk!) and I eventually became restless. (even though I wasn’t doing too much. What is tamad? haha)

But He always has a funny way of calling me back. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to Host FNL and work at the same time.Yes! Haha! As lame as it seemed, it taught me so many things. Cause after the breakout with people from FNL and learning that I should stop asking WHY and let God instead.

Enzo imitating my hand gesture. Haha!
No reason to be sad or stressed about work. Cause I have a great God! All pictures taken by Moochie DG!
With photographer Moochie DG!

Still, it is never enough with Him. I am very much loved that though I was trying so hard to evade Him, He calls me hard and loud! So I went to church, for the first time.. in so long, and I had the most amazing time. I have Grace (a friend from FNL) to blame, cause I didn’t wanna ditch her :p

How funny is He? Very much, because the Pastor’s talk revolved around Intimacy with Ministry. The topic that was making my heart very heavy. Oh and it wasn’t the first time that I heard this, a friend from FNL, Enzo, already talked about it.

Fine Lord, Yes Lord! I shall REST, REFLECT, REALIGN and RE-ENGAGE! 🙂

And when you obey, you will be blessed. It’s been a while since Team Francia went out, after church they went to MOA and I met them there.

Meet my sibs! Minus 2 tho! 🙂

They’ve been dying to see Uniqlo but never got the chance before. It didn’t appeal to me that much..even the cheap shirts! I think now that I could always just borrow my siblings’ t-shirts. Haha!

Sisters Luisa and Luz

So I didn’t buy anything and this gave me the chance to choose where we were going to eat! I had to make sure we eat Chinese/Japanese. Close enough! ~ Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe

Drinks first!
My brother Jonel ordered the Iced Lemon Tea while Luz and I enjoyed their Iced HK Yingyong
Pops had Green Iced Tea with Honey *forgot the exact name* haha!
Brother JM had Watermelon Ice
But before JM was able to choose his drink, there was a little drama at the table
And on the other table as well.
We had no idea why he cried which is why Luisa was laughing here
Still crying!
I’m happy with my drink tho!
Hi Pader, thanks for the treat! 🙂
Sticky rice!
Best dish we had!
Fried Dumplings were okay.
Why I can’t be a food blogger – Bamboo rice meals – I already took a buncha bites before I remembered I had to take pics! 🙂
At least I was able to take a picture of the menu. :))

I needed my Hakaw fix. But it arrived last. 😦 And this was a disappointing set of Hakaw (need to search for that tiny shirmp).

Before and after Hakaw Moment! 🙂
I like spicy food and their chili wasn’t spicy at all. I already finished the whole thing and still not spicy! 😦
Bite size Mochi balls! 5 pcs per order.
Dessert made my brother less cranky. Still he wouldn’t smile for a pic!

So to conclude.. I believe that I cannot be a food blogger. ‘Cause I eat first before I realize I need to take pictures of the food. And I took more pictures of myself with my sibs than the food!  Thus Angel != Food Blogger.

My dad’s new kicks are so pretty. 😦 I want one.

Maybe another type of blogger then? :p


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