Blogger Sister – Luisa Francia: Dress like a Lady

I have no idea where she got the tagline for her blog. 😐 I also don’t agree that she dresses like a lady. HAHA! JK :p

One of Luisa’s OOTD post. Check out her blog here!

Like normal siblings, we disagree 50 % of the time. During the other 50% we agree mostly on clothes, fashion, and b*tching about other people (mean right?).   As irritating and as spoiled as she can be, during the times that I needed to step down from being the eldest. She was always there to be mature enough to take care of the family. Maybe that’s why she’s acting so childish now ’cause I robbed her a little of her childhood. Haha :p

Dear Lu,

I’m sorry the guards at Mapua Makati always call you Ms. Angel. :p I’m glad to have you as a sister. I love you and thank you for always lending me your clothes. Please buy more accessories and shoes that I can borrow. Oh and can you tell whoever gave you Sonja’s Cupcakes yesterday to bring you some more? And make sure you save me one red velvet please. :*

She will make your head hurt like crazy! :))
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (taken a year ago)
This is how we looked like last year!

You know full as well as I do the value of sisters’ affections to each other; there is nothing like it in this world. ~ Charlotte Bronte

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