Flasback OOTD: iZoom 1920’s

A bunch of my officemates celebrated their birthdays and they decided to organize a themed birthday party! Everybody’s outfit of the day were 1920’s inspired! Fun!

Of course themed costume parties needs to name the one dressed the best!

I decided to go floral and as vintage as I can get with things from my closet (and my sister’s).

1920s inspired pieces from my closet!
Jom and I won! 🙂

I love costume parties! Hopefully, I think of something clever this Halloween! 🙂

One thought on “Flasback OOTD: iZoom 1920’s”

  1. Ooooh I love 20s themed parties! You look fab! I adore the shoes!

    I have noticed that you followed my blog via WordPress recently (thank you so much!) and just wanted to let you know that I am movng my blog to the self hosted version of WordPress, so if you still want to keep up with my posts, I would love for yout to follow me on bloglovin’, via email or my RSS feed! You can find all the links on my blog home page. The blog will still be found at apixiesviewonfashion.com, I am just changing hosts.

    Thank you!


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