I took the wheel, moved You from the driver’s seat.
All of those signs, I learned to ignore them.
The stop lights blinked bright red
My blinded eyes did not recognize them
Thought I was a good judge.
I defended you against the jury.
I twisted the law.
Made you likeable, even loveable.
I stole the pen from the Writer
Got the paintbrush from the Artist.
Felt competent to direct it.
But the holder of my heart took me back.
He was ahead, a hump, made me slow down.
Though I do not understand, He restored my soul.
His love lit the dying spark.
No anger, no shame, no need for I told you sos.
All He had for show was His open arms.
I fell, unto His feet. He took my hand, helped me up.
And whispered, “I am yours, no need for anybody else.”

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