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Despite overwhelming evidences That point me to the contrary I hold on to the good The unerring course for home Albeit the smoke blinding I breathe in the light Charging towards the unseen Trusting that it leads to where You are

My love, He has won my heart for you. So lost in Him, that the only way to find me is to be lost in Him too.

08.27.2014 – Free Kite

The world is yours, why do You look at us?
The sun sets at Your command
Yet you gift the night with light
to make all see even in the dark
We aim to live with infectious esprit
For we trust on what is planned
We endure with Your might
Cause protected by an ark
Forget escaping cause been set free
More than conquerors at Your hand
To strive through the never-ending flight
Of days, to finally see that mark