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There are times when weekends mean work. For me, my whole saturday was spent shooting a video for an upcoming singles conference. I had a blast as always, but come 10 PM, my mind was done. I had crashed.

Docu team’s tools + fast food = alive docu team
Docu team's bestfriend, boat shoes
Docu team’s bestfriend, boat shoes

I thank God for keeping me healthy and energized through days like that. But I know there are repercussions to my unhealthy saturdays. I usually end up sleeping the whole day come sunday and would need to drag myself to church. Some dark days, I would really decide to skip service just to rest.

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving” (Col. 4:2)

I continue to hold on to Colossians 4:2. I’ve been reminded countless times to continue steadfastly. Unwavering faith requires consistency. I fail most days, but through Jesus, I still can. Plus, what a comfort it is to know that despite my dark days, I am blessed with a grateful heart. Thank You Jesus for the gift of prayer.

Thank You for giving me a monday where I got to exhale. What a joy it is to spent even a few hours under the sun, taking pictures, enjoying such beautiful trees, and spending time with Z of course. Haha!

Finally, Thank You for Zyra and soft ice cream!

Guess who's the better twirl-er
Guess who’s the better twirl-er



The DayKeeper 2015

My artistic friend Kat launched her date book last Oct 25, 2014 at Heima. It’s been a while since I got to attend a social gathering of artistic souls. Felt so inspired and so proud of Kat sharing her love for the Lord through this amazing planner. I’d love for you to check out the daykeeper yourself -> facebook. I myself am getting my own copy this year!

The daykeeper featuring some of the girls from our dgroup.
Kat’s post card that was also part of the exhibit.


The artist and the love of her life ❤ such a fan of this couple!
With Grace the birthday girl!
Of course the lovely Zyra of
And the Rosee and Jony (RONY) duo who did such nice covers that night!