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Despite overwhelming evidences That point me to the contrary I hold on to the good The unerring course for home Albeit the smoke blinding I breathe in the light Charging towards the unseen Trusting that it leads to where You are

My love, He has won my heart for you. So lost in Him, that the only way to find me is to be lost in Him too.


I had to look at my post last week to know from where should I start. Yes, that is the question I recently always ask..

Lord where do I start?

I’m happy to share that my faithful God never fails to point me to the starting line. I get impatient sometimes though. I get very eager for Him to fire the starter’s pistol (running reference when in a race.. yes I join “fun runs” and run regularly.. fyi!). Sometimes I imagine myself jogging in place saying “Lord I’m ready! Gaammeee onn!!”

Immediately I know there’s something wrong with me. I breathe. And let Him speak. He then reminds me that I always go back to unboxing Him. I fail everyday because of my futile attempt to keep take control.

Tim Tebow sporting the Heb 12:1-2 verse!

*okay I know he’s not a runner, but sports? 😀

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