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Hater hipster

Marc Jacobs Beaded dress, oversized Burberry clutch bag, Candies shoes and Make up by my sis

Oh yes. I am a self confessed hipster.

My make up artist sister Fatima

Well, so many people already told me I am one.

  1. When Instagram became available to the public through Android, I have to be honest, I kinda was irritated by the excited Android newbies! Haha!
  2. I have been looking for an online portfolio (well, for amateurs) that looks really nice and polished since flickr sucks.. and I found Jux  It’s really what I wanted for a long time. And their help team is really great in helping me with the customization that I needed. And, when a bunch of my friends joined and started posting. I kinda hated myself for sharing the site. I wanted it to be my baby for a while first. (lame right?)

Anyway, aside from the Hater hipster in me that I’ve been trying to subdue.. I’ve been missing the Geek  that I used to be. So during the holidays while I was taking a mini vacation with my siblings.. I took the time to brush up on my knowledge of the world I used to be so absorbed in before. *ramblings*

Since I got myself a new Android Phablet, I had to read a lot about Android and Samsung’s Galaxy Note (yes, that’s my new baby.. and yes I call my gadgets my babies! Who doesn’t? 🙂

Oh and I finally was able to make a landing page. Not fully customized yet tho! About.me

One last final thing to push this further.. DOMAIN! Ugh.

Soo. More posts coming soon hopefully? 😦