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Why Fixate on Faith?

Living in this world for 24 years now has taught me a lot. Some I’ve learned the hard way, by making mistakes or by making no mistake at all through indecision. Often through extensive hours on the internet, paying attention to people’s lives and reading books. I’m wired to enjoy learning but I get days where I’m so lazy, I choose to learn things by watching lots of TV (excuses, I know). If given the chance, I’d love to have a job as a “professional reader”, where I just read and read and nothing else will be required of me. But alas, life doesn’t work like that for me, or for most of us.

A few years ago, when I came to know the Lord, I decided to revamp my personal blog. Make it something that can signify my new found faith and how I resolve to live by it ’til the end. I said my goodbyes to my old mantra on Fixating on faint failures and chose to Fixate on faith instead.

2 more years of treading the wavy water we call life, I find more inspiration. As I try to organize my thoughts into words, I pray that all of these amount to one thing, that I give back the Glory to Him.  It’s harder now, to fixate on Him, the  author and perfecter of faith (Hebrews 12:2).  

So if you are like me, a tiny speck on this world trying to magnify a God so big, keep on fixating your eyes on Jesus. Fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12). I promise you, it’s worth it.