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Day 2: Blogging from Blogsy!

Blogsy icon! He's so cute!

I made a promise to blog religiously this year. I’ve always wanted to do so.. And I always had a great start, but nothing used to workout long term. This however, is promising! Blogging from my iPad, is easy. And Blogsy is awesome! 

See this: If you would like to Edit HTML or need to paste embed codes then just swipe with three fingers across the screen to flip to the HTML side.


Here’s a quick overview pointing out where to go to do all the things you want to do.

How-To Videos and How-To Guide

To get more information about how to use Blogsy go to “Settings” → “How-To Videos” or “How-To Guide”.

^ And they even have videos! How cool is that? Fan girl mode! 

What app was I previously using?

The WordPress iPad app. It’s okay I guess.. Until I found Blogsy. 🙂 Don’t believe me? Have a look! 

WordPress iPad app screenshot

And now it’s getting kinda late! Time to get ready to hit the gym. Must be prepared for Coron! Which reminds me, I have to thank my papa dear for giving me the microfiber towel I’ve been meaning to buy. (yellow thing on my picture below

Thank You Lord for this wonderful morning and for the food that I am about to enjoy! Tuna and eggs for breakfast. Officially on a strict diet. Must win the team Biggest Loser Contest! Will blog about that next time. 🙂

So long!


Day 2!