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Praying for Consistency

When was the last time I was able to post something here? I have several drafts that I couldn’t find the inspiration to finish. Now I have all the inspiration I can get and I am doing this! 🙂

Fast forward to my weekend escapade with one of my best friends from HS. I’ve known this girl a good 11-12 years now. Recent life changing events brought us closer together. As much as we enjoy our childish moments together, we couldn’t deny the fact that it’s so evident how mature we are getting. We talk about life, work, love and our love for our Father alongside other random stuff like reminiscing our HS days. We both needed this trip away from the busy metro. We both learned so much from this trip. We had several charged to experience moments too! (hahaha) Oh, and meet Rini, my dear anak. 🙂

Sisters in Christ forever! ❤ – Unplanned twin outfits!

Since it was her first time to go to Boracay, she wanted to Parasail and Helmet dive.. And of course, her  mother will give what her daughter wants! 🙂

Helmet diving – We saw Nemo & Marlin!!!!
Para sailing – Funniest shot ever!! We asked the Kuyas to let “dip” us and he dragged us! 🙂

If you’ve been to Boracay and you’re tired of the normal scene. You have to go check out Puka Beach. The nicest and peaceful beach in there! It’s just a P150 trike ride away from the main road.

Puka Beach! We went here twice!

Say hello to my “I’m so disappointed I couldn’t dive ’cause there’s too many sea urchin” look HAHA!


Need more time to post-process and edit pics!

Constantly praying for consistency! ❤ I need to find the courage to blog about my testimonies and how lovely life has been! Thank You Lord!

– So long!